Fancy Some Festive Fun?

After This Year, You Deserve It!

It’s been one long, demanding and down right tough year.
Which is why, this year more than ever before, you deserve to spoil yourself rotten. 

A Festive Feast with All the Trimmings

Arguably the best part of Christmas right?

From sweet treats like warm Christmas Pudding topped with thick brandy cream to Winter Lemon Curd Mess, with torn sponge, meringue, granny smith sorbet & popping candy.

If savory is more your thing, how about, Roasted Native Turkey with pigs in blankets, shallot, orange & sage stuffing, fat roasted potatoes, saute sprouts with chestnuts, glazed rosemary, roasted roots & gravy? 

Don’t fret if you’re a vegan because we’ve carefully selected the finest of ingredients for you too! Perhaps the Vegan Vegetable Wellington Roast with new potatoes, roasted roots & veggie gravy might tickle your pickle?

Christmas Party

Join us for your Christmas party.
No hosting for you, so you can sit back, relax and let the good times roll. Just let us do all the hard work! 

Two Courses £25.95
Three Courses £29.95

Christmas Day

We’ll prepare the feast, pour the drinks, dress the tree
and all that Christmassy jazz, so that you can enjoy a
hassle-free Christmas day!

5 Courses for £80 per person